Many Eckel products are designed to meet or exceed various compliance standards and adhere to regional regulations in each location where Eckel engineered noise control technologies and systems are sold.

Eckel Booths, Rooms and Suites meet or exceed ADA compliance standards providing access to healthy environments for all

The Americans with Disability Act is one of the world’s most recognized civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination based on disability. Inclusive practices include open access and accommodation.

ADA Accommodation
Eckel audiology rooms and suites accommodate a variety of physical disabilities. Eckel’s booths, rooms and suites are pro-actively designed to provide access and accommodation to those requiring assistance or using assistive devices.

Earn LEED Credit
It’s not surprising, consid- ering the density of insu- lation and mass of Eckel walls and panels, to learn that many Eckel products earn valuable LEED credits, for your business.

ANSI Test Control
The American National Standards Institute ratings for acoustic testing are the cornerstone of Eckel Audiometric Booth, Room & Suite technology. Our products help to deliver precise measurement and controlled testing environments.

Ventilation & Fire Suppression
Eckel engineered audiology products and systems may connect to ventilation and fire suppression systems while delivering exemplary levels of noise control. Eckel technologies are generally manufactured with steel and consist of durable fire retardant materials.

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