Mini Audiology Booth – AB Series

What is an Audiology Booth?

The audiology booth(audiometric booth, audiometry booth) is also known as an auditory examination booth. Audiology Booth is designed to provide an environment for audiometric testing that meets the noise standards as set by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). To meet these noise standards, many audiologists use Eckel Audiology Booths.

Eckel Mini Booths – Mobile Work Spaces
Practical & Economical Meet a Whole lot of Fun

Pre-assembled and ready to use AB Series audiology booths offer high performance in a small package. Ideal for small footprint applications including medical offices clinical laboratories, schools, business and industrial settings. Booths are small enough to fit through a standard doorway while large enough to conduct testing. Unique in the market for mini-size, acoustic integrity, durability and utility.

Choose from Cam-Lock & Fully Welded models. Cam-Lock models are fully demountable.

Mini-Booth – AB Series 200-2000 Spec Sheets
Mini-Booth – AB Series 4230-4250 Spec Sheets

MiniBooth – AB-200 AB-2000 AB-4230 AB-4240 AB-4250

Standard Features
• 2” (50mm) Cam-Lock Panel System or Fully Welded
• Universal LHH or RHH Door (Cam-Lock modes only)
• 23” (584mm) W x 23” (584mm) H Double Glazed Square Framed Window
• In-wall 2” (50mm) Ventilation System
• Separate Light/Fan Switch
• 8 x ¼“ (6.3mm) Phono Jacks,
• 2 x USB Ports,
• 1 x 1 ¾“ (44mm) Pass Thru
• Heavy Duty Casters or Vibration Isolators
• Colour: Standard Eckel White, Luxury White, Beige, Warm Grey, & etc.(Full Range of colours are available)
• Pre-wired Electrics, Ready to Use
• Fully Demountable (Cam-Lock models only)


125 250 500 1K 2K 4K  
AB Series 19 28 38 46 52 54


The fully demountable, Eckel AB- 4200 Series of Audiology Booths features unique all-steel, 2” (50mm) thick interlocking panels, utilizing our cam-lock system.
The Eckel AB-200/2000 Series of Audiology Booths features a fully welded construction utilizing 2” (50mm) thick acoustic panels.

Heavy flush-mounted door with continuous perimeter magnetic seal. Universal door swing, LH or RH hinge, can be changed in the field by turning the door panel. Cam-Lock models only.

23” x 23” (584 x 584mm) square framed, double-glazed acoustic window. Interior sound absorbing barrier. Allows excellent visual observation and monitoring. Frame is removable for maintenance or glass replacement.

Silenced forced air ventilation is standard. Ventilation is turned on in conjunction with the interior light. Ventilation noise levels com- ply with published specifications and with added speed controller.

All rooms are supplied with CSA certified and standard tested, pre-wired 120 volt recessed in- ternal electrical, including inter- nal and external facing recessed
hospital grade duplex receptacles. Power is supplied via a power cord connected to the customer’s 120 volt source or may be hard wired upon request. For international customers country specific electric and cord configurations are available. Unit is pre-wired and includes 72” (1800mm) long supply lead which plugs into your local supply socket. Lighting fixture incorporates light/fan switch. Available options include 120v-60Hz CSA/UL Approved Electrical, C22.2 601.1 Medical Electrical Equipment and 240v configurations.AB Series mini-booth

Standard finish is textured poly – urethane enamel in Eckel White, Luxury White, Beige or Warm Grey; other colours available on request.

Ceiling Integrated Silencer Systems
The integrated silenced ventilation system consists of factory installed extract air fans and a passive intake air flow. The fans are quiet with low power consumption. For customers wanting to connect to their existing HVAC system, optional vent collars are available.

Commercial quality, colour coordinated carpet provided for interior floor of booth.

Casters & Isolators
Select from heavy duty casters (2x swivel, 2x locking) supplied as standard, or neoprene in shear, vibration isolators mounted on steel rails. Lock-Down conversion kit, for mini-booth installation inside trailers and on site mobile testing are also available at added cost.

Single AB4230, AB4240,AB200 and AB2000 models are packaged assembled on a small pallet and protected by heavy duty carton. AB4250 is always supplied flat-pack, mounted on a pallet and protected. Multiple units are bulk crated for shipping. Cam-Lock model mini-booths are fully demountable. The Cam-Lock system allows mini-booths to be handled, shipped and stored with ease.