S 34-57 Single Wall Control/Exam Suite Spec Sheet

S 34-57 Single Wall

S-34 SUITE12'9" x 6'2" x 7'9"
3886mm x 1880mm x 2362mm
78.6 sq ft
7.3 sq m
5589 lb
2535 kg
S-34 CONTROL ROOM4'8" x 5’6" x 6'6"
1422mm x 1676mm x 1981mm
S-34 EXAM ROOM6'5" x 5'6" x 6'6"
1956mm x 1676mm x 1981mm
S-45 SUITE14'6" x 7'1" x 7'9"
4420mm x 2159mm x 2362mm
102.7 sq ft
9.54 sq m
6754 lb
3063 kg
S-45 CONTROL ROOM5'6" x 6'5" x 6'6"
1676mm x 1956mm x 1981mm
S-45 EXAM ROOM7'4" x 6'5" x 6'6"
2235mm x 1956mm x 1981mm
S-56 SUITE16'4" x 8'0" x 7'9"
4978mm x 2438mm x 2362mm
130.6 sq ft
12.1 sq m
8013 lb
3635 kg
S-56 CONTROL ROOM6'5" x 7'4" x 6'6"
1956mm x 2235mm x 1981mm
S-56 EXAM ROOM8'3" x 7'4" x 6'6"
2515mm x 2235mm x 1981mm
S-57 SUITE18'2" x 8'11" x 7'9"
5537mm x 2718mm x 2362mm
162.0 sq ft
15.0 sq m
9363 lb
4247 kg
S-57 CONTROL ROOM7'4" x 8'3" x 6'6"
2235mm x 2515mm x 1981mm
S-57 EXAM ROOM9'2" x 8'3" x 6'6"
2794mm x 2515mm x 1981mm

The Eckel S-34 to S-57 Series Single Wall Control/Single Wall Exam Cam-lock or H-Batten Advanced Audiometric Suites are ideal for high noise, high traffic areas, where a control room is required. The S-120 Series come standard with:

  • 36″ W x 73 3/4″ H (914mm x 1873mm) Clear Opening Doors
  • 24″ W x 30″ H (610mm x 762mm) Window
  • Plug and Play Electrical
  • LED Lighting
  • Jack Panel complete with 12 1/4″ Phone Jacks, 2 USB, and a 1″ (25mm) pass-through.

Optional Features:

  • 20” X 60” (508mm X 1524mm) Window In Door
  • 1 Set of HVAC Collars Single Wall Rooms (Includes Internal Utility Box For Thermostat By Others)
  • Sprinkler Access Hole
  • Upgrade To 36″ Clear Opening Door
  • Extra Duplex Outlets