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With 65+ years of experience, Eckel is the premiere choice for Standard & Custom Engineered Noise Control Products and Systems. We are Audiology Booths, Audiometry Rooms & Suites specialists. Eckel is at your service!

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Screening Booths - AB Series

AB Series Audiology Booths offer big performance in a little package. Ideal for small footprint applications including medical offices, clinical laboratories, schools, business and industrial settings.

Audiometric Rooms

Eckel’s Single Wall / Double Wall rooms are the gold standard of the audiology industry. These premium quality, innovative rooms offer a wide range of options designed for precise audiometric measurement, including audiology, research institutes and more.

Audiometric Suites

Superb acoustic control is attained through the use of a control room and exam room.
Suites are available in double-wall designs for high ambient noise applications.


Multi-station suites are ideal for group testing environments. The series features high performance acoustic doors, fully isolated floors, custom interior wall coverings, carpeting and low noise ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Amazing audiologists and Eckel's advanced proven technologies set the standard of best practice in audiology.

Audiologists are passionate about client satisfaction, precise diagnosis, a modern well-appointed clinic and having the latest technologies to help their patients to hear better. Eckel Audiology Booths, Rooms and Suites help audiologists to identify, treat and monitor disorders of the auditory and vestibular systems of the ear.

Explore our NEW CATALOG full of exciting audiometric solutions for audiologists!

Audiology Booths, Rooms & Suites

Innovative Eckel Audiometric Products and Systems Engineered for Audiologists and the Comfort of their Valued Clientele.

Testing Precision

Eckel offers a range of audiometric testing environments to meet and exceed the needs of today’s audiology market.

Representatives Worldwide

Eckel Dealers and Representatives are available worldwide. Contact sales@eckelacoustics.com or Call 1-800-563-3574 or +1-613-543-2967

Knowledgeable Service

Eckel's qualified representatives and associates can help point audiologists seeking answers in the right direction.

Practice Perfect

Audiologist present an inviting environment where clients have regular check-ups, routine examinations, and precise diagnosis.

fully customizable

Our skilled engineers and application specialists can provide customized solutions. Contact us to outline your customized specialty requirements.

variety of finishes

Eckel’s audiology products and systems are strong to the finish with a wide variety of custom treatments to appeal to your valued clientele.

quality control

With over 65 years of industry experience, Eckel is the world's premier quality audiology product and system supplier.

Quick Installation

Our team of highly trained application specialists and installers can install many of our products and systems with minimal disruption.


Get Started ... Eckel is at Your Service

Eckel Noise Control Technologies Sales and Service representatives are ready to assist with your next purchase or answer questions about our Audiology Booths, Rooms or Suites. Our range of solutions meet the needs of today's audiology market including mini-booths, rooms and suites with single and double wall options as well as ADA compliant systems.

To get started with a new installation we require a little information such as the dimensions of the location you wish to place an Eckel audiology product or system. Include a description of the location, whether it is a noisy environment and note the construction of walls ceiling and floor. Be specific, provide detail regarding the type of material and whether the surface is painted.

For over 65 years, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has provided engineered noise control products and systems to a wide variety of industries, from massive rocket testing enclosures and anechoic chambers to precise audiometric testing environments. Trust Eckel to deliver high quality and functionality as well attractive and comfortable Audiology Booths, Rooms, and Suites.

Eckel Client Testimonials

Eckel is the premiere product choice for our clients. Eckel provides appropriate products and design suited for unique applications.

Jim Fulton

FPA Systems & Resources

ARI is exceptionally pleased with the sale and installation of an Eckel CL-27PRIMEFP double walled audiometric suite in a special needs school.

Tom Pellegrino

Advanced Resources Inc

For sensitive patients, my investment in a comfortable setting was very important. I am glad I found Eckel - my suite is perfect!

George Phan


Eckel staff are incredibly well prepared, always on top of every challenge. The installation was quick. My clinic looks terrific.

Sophia Franco


If you are an Audiologist and want to give us your feedback or if you just want to connect, please contact an Eckel Sales or Service Representative at sales@eckelacoustics.com | 1-800-563-3574 | +1-613-543-2967 or follow us below.

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